Giant Vintage is YOUR vintage eyewear super-store

Their website giantvintage.com is home to over 1000 genuine vintage sunglasses and clear frames from the 70s, 80s and 90s, as well as reproductions of iconic styles.

The Los Angeles-based company has launched worldwide, with quick shipping to the US, UK, and all other international locations...they are set to radically shake up the way we track down and buy vintage eyewear

Every conceivable style can be found at giantvintage.com, and new frames are sourced and added to the collection on a weekly basis... be they limited edition authentic vintage, ultra-modern statement shapes or replicas of much-loved old school styles: all in wide-ranging frame and lens colors

With prices starting at just $8.00...the folks at GIANT VINTAGE believe that GREAT VINTAGE PIECES ARE SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE AFFORDABLE TO ALL

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